Metolius Golf Launch | Press Release

April 29, 2020 in News

Metolius Golf Launch | Press Release

Metolius Golf launches software and service platform intended to level the playing field for golf courses and private clubs

The Fort Collins, Colorado startup’s vision is for golf courses and private clubs to make data-driven decisions, engage customers, operate efficiently, and grow revenue.

FORT COLLINS, CO., APRIL 29, 2020 – Metolius Golf launches its new software and services today with the mission of helping the golf industry leverage cutting edge technology like business intelligence, automation, social media, and more.  The company, founded by industry veteran Ross Liggett, is designed to empower golf course and private club operators with modern, cloud-based marketing and information technology.  Liggett and his team have spent the last year building, beta testing, and refining Metolius’ software and services with more than a dozen facilities across the United States. 

“Since the Great Recession, we have seen an explosion of cloud-based tools and platforms.  Some businesses have been able to invest in these tools, but small businesses like golf courses and private clubs, have largely been left out.  We are here to level the playing field,” said Liggett.

Liggett started his career in club operations and has become one of the industry’s leading marketing and technology evangelists.  Over the last decade he has worked directly with dozens of courses, helping general managers leverage cutting edge tools to make data-driven decisions, automate routine processes, and drive revenue via social media, websites and digital advertising.

Metolius will make three products available starting today: Cloud Connect - a custom business intelligence and reporting platform, Cloud Automate – a fully-integrated website and email automation platform, and Cloud Agency - a complete digital agency service that combines Metolius’ technology with a digital marketing expert who executes graphic design, digital ads, social media and email communication on behalf of the course.  Metolius also assigns an expert analyst to each course on the platform.

Liggett stresses that Metolius is not another software platform that managers need to spend time on.  “Our whole enterprise is about giving managers back time in their day.  Over the last decade, and particularly over the last 6 weeks, golf operators have been asked to do more with less.  Our software operates completely in the background.  Our people expertly handle technical IT and marketing tasks like an extension of the golf course team.    We are here to handle the complex, technical tasks so that operators can refocus on their team, members and guests.”

About Metolius

Founded in 2020, Metolius is a cloud marketing and information technology firm dedicated to helping golf courses, private clubs and small businesses leverage modern technology.  Our software, services, and people empower businesses to leverage cloud-based tools to decrease expenses, improve efficiency and increase revenue.  We help businesses drive results with cloud computing infrastructure, data management, business intelligence, marketing automation, social media, machine learning and more.  

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