Cloud Leads

Build a digital lead generation machine by combining the power of targeted digital advertising, CRM, and email automation.

Fresh leads delivered daily.

Facebook and Google Advertising have changed the game of Lead Generation. Even with modest budgets, these platforms can generate new leads for golf courses and private clubs on a daily basis. The best part? They are inexpensive!

A typical Google Ads search campaign generates leads for $50-80 each, and we've seen Facebook campaigns deliver new email addresses for as little as $2! But these numbers can be misleading because the qualification rate is much lower than traditional campaigns like referrals.

We build lead generation funnels to solve this problem.

  1. Custom Lead Gen Plan

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    We meet with you to understand your business. What type of club or course are you? Who is your ideal member or banquet host? What buyer personas should we target?

  2. Digital Advertising

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    We design and launch text, video, and image ads on Google and Facebook. New leads are automatically sent to your own ActiveCampaign CRM.

  3. Drip Campaigns

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    Once the new lead is in the system, the real fun begins! We'll deliver a series of messages over several days designed to warm up the prospect. We'll highlight the different aspects of your club. We can even customize the messages and sequencing base on their actions.

  4. Notify Sales Manager

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    Prospects who don't engage with the drip campaign will be moved to unqualified status. Those who do engage will be sent to your sales manager, complete with what items they clicked on and which pages of the website they've visited.

  5. Win Back Lost Leads

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    Between 80 and 90% of your inbound leads will be unqualified when they're acquired. That doesn't mean they'll always be. Every lead you generate is kept in the system, so when it comes time to "drum up a little business", you'll have thousands of warm prospects to start with.

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