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Grow revenue and save time by connecting your Point-of-Sale, Tee Sheet, and CRM data to cutting-edge marketing automation systems.

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Cloud Automate is a custom email automation platform for the golf industry. We take your marketing to a whole new level by leveraging the data in your new cloud warehouse. Our team of developers connects your most granular customer data to ActiveCampaign - the leading marketing automation software in the world. With your full data-set and ActiveCampaign, the possibilities are endless. Deliver drip campaigns to your membership or banquet prospects. Remind customers to book tee times when utilization is slow. Deliver surveys and thank-you's based on transactions by department. The possibilities are endless

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Sell Memberships

Send all unconverted membership leads a quarterly warm-up email. If they open it, notify your Membership Sales Director. We can even automatically pass them into your CRM if they re-engage with your website.

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Drive Tee Times

Send all customers who like to play on Saturday morning a reminder to book their tee time on Wednesday. Remind league players to register. Deliver promo-codes to users who visit your booking engine but don't reserve a tee time.

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Book Events

Send all unconverted leads a quarterly booking promotion. Automatically invite past weddings back on their anniversary. Automatically remind outing coordinators to get you their final player counts.

Email Automation Made Easy

The path to sending personalized, automated emails is not as hard as you think.

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    Book a Consultation

    Book some time for us to understand what data will need to be connected and what messages will have the most impact.

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    Review Your Automation Plan

    Review our custom automation plan to understand what messages will be delivered to which customers based on their purchases, website interactions, or engagement.

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    Sit Back and Relax

    Our team will handle the work of integrating the systems, designing the messages, and building the workflows. All you'll need to do is comment and approve the creative.

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