Our Clients Say it Best

Metolius saves us time and money. I used to spend 10 to 15 hours per week
working on email blasts and social media posts, now all it takes is a 10
minute phone call and a few minutes approving the ads each week. I can't
imagine life without Metolius!

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Chris Lewis, General Manager
The Broadlands Golf Course

When we signed up with Metolius we were hoping for a better experience than we had received from other marketing execution companies…

What we got out of the relationship exceeded our expectations.
We learned that Metolius was vastly different in their approach.  Instead of waiting for the client to come to them, they are proactive in setting up a content calendar for execution.  Not only do they curate the content, but they are a true thinking partner to help come up with ideas.

The results we’ve experienced have been amazing.  One facility in the first year experienced an increase in website page views of +243%, a +95% increase in Facebook reach, and an increase of +78% in Instagram engagement.
In 2019 this facility experienced an increase of +$114k in revenue through the first 11 months compared to the prior year. 

We’re excited to grow into our next phase with Metolius to launch our business intelligence project.  We think providing real-time data to department heads as well as clients will be a real game-changer.  Automation and speed to market are important in making key business decisions and we’ll have this ability very soon.

With the results we’ve experienced we’ve grown to 14 golf courses in the first year with Metolius and are excited to bring on many more in the future.  If you are hoping to improve marketing execution, if your current provider isn’t proactive in their approach, or if you’re looking for unparalleled results, I highly recommend you contact Ross to learn what Metolius can do for you!

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