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Updated August 2021

About Metolius Golf

Metolius helps golf courses & private clubs leverage cloud marketing and information technology tools. We combine technical skills with operational experience to deliver 10x results in 1/10th the time.

Founded in 2020 by golf industry veteran Ross Liggett and software developer Eric Flynn, Metolius Golf's mission is simple: to help golf courses and private clubs leverage cutting-edge technology.

Metolius is part business intelligence platform, part golf industry consultant, and part marketing agency. As a whole, we help clubs invest less time in marketing communication, reporting, and revenue generation tasks while drastically improving results.

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Business Intelligence

With our custom business intelligence dashboards, courses and clubs can spot trends in advance and make quick decisions based on real data. We retrieve, aggregate, and visualize data from tee sheet, point-of-sale, weather, digital marketing, CRM, and finance systems - to name a few.


Our agency service acts as an extension of the on-site team, meeting weekly to help brainstorm, plan, and execute marketing tactics. Our automation service integrates platforms into automated workflows that handle evergreen activities like lead generation & nurturing.

In the News

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The Fort Collins, Colorado startup’s vision is for golf courses and private clubs to make data-driven decisions, engage customers, operate efficiently, and grow revenue. Read More...

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Metolius Founder Ross Liggett discusses the present and future value of "big data" in the golf industry. Read Article beginning on page 18.

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History & Executive Profile

Prior to starting Metolius Golf, Ross Liggett spent more than 20 years working in golf operations, sales, marketing, and technology. As a regional and national marketing director at prominent multi-course operators, it was Ross's responsibility to support individual courses on business strategy, marketing tactics, sales management, and technology implementation.

Charged with helping operators adopt a data-driven decision process, he spent more time tracking down data and creating spreadsheets than he did helping courses develop and execute strategies. He imagined an automated data aggregation process that would give executives, owners, and operators instant access to rich business data. With this type of business intelligence tool, everyone from department heads to owners would have a scoreboard to empower data-driven decisions. The time saved by not pulling myriad reports and filling in "revenue tracker" spreadsheets could be reinvested in business strategy, improved execution, and labor savings.

Enter Eric Flynn, the software developer that could build the data aggregation system. Together, they formed Metolius Golf.

More than two years later, Metolius has emerged as the premier marketing technology service provider in the golf industry. Our business intelligence tools give operators all the information they need to make quick, informed decisions regarding business tactics. Our marketing agency team is on hand to execute those tactics in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, advertising, and communication.


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