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Cloud Connect rolls all your data to a cloud warehouse and sends you automatic daily reports on everything from Tee Time Utilization to Facebook Likes.

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Big Data solutions for golf courses and private clubs


Our team of developers builds data pipelines that pass data from your golf course systems to a cloud warehouse. Big Data for golf has arrived - all your data, all in one place.


Once your data is in the cloud, we can normalize it, aggregate it, and send it back to you in custom-built, easy to read dashboards that give you the power to immediately respond to trends.

Cloud Connect is a business intelligence service for golf courses, private clubs, and small businesses. It lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your golf course or private club each and every day. Have you ever been frustrated logging into multiple systems trying to find data on revenue, expenses, website visits, and social media? Have you ever been disheartened trying to get back on track after a financial statement surprise that came 45 days late? We solve these problems. Here's how:

We integrate your systems and pull data into cloud based data warehouse. We integrate with the leading Point-of-Sale, Tee Sheet, Accounting, Website, Online Advertising, Email, CRM, Surveys & Social Media platforms to pull data. Along the way, we add our industry-leading weather benchmarking report. This delivers you hour-by-hour weather benchmarks powered by machine learning - the only system of its kind in the golf industry.We can connect additional data sources like CRM and Customer Feedback Platforms at your request. All of your data is transferred securely and encrypted once it lands in your warehouse.

Once your data lands in the cloud, we clean and normalize it so that it can fit together. We work directly with you to build a series of custom reports that give you exactly the data you want, in the format you need it. We refresh these reports every night.

Our philosophy

We help you make sense of data

Business Intelligence is only as good as how you use it. We meet with you each to review your reports. This is our opportunity to ensure that you understand the data and the story it is telling. The information in your reports is very powerful. Our analysts are here to help you understand the data and use it to improve your bottom line.

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