Golfonomics Episode 1: 72 Minutes

Welcome to Golfonomics!

The first podcast focused on using data to improve golf course operations.

Each week on the Golfonomics Podcast, we identify and tackle one industry metric. Just like the great Mike Singletary took out quarterbacks in the eighties. Tune in each week, and we'll help you navigate the waters of marketing, communication, and technology at your property. 

In this inaugural episode, golf industry marketing experts Brian McCann, Christian Whetsell, Katie Brandow, and Ross Liggett discuss how keeping up with social media takes the average business owner 72 minutes per day. The Metolius team discusses what golf course managers can do to drive ROI from this time investment, be more productive on social media, and include few helpful tips and tricks to save time and drive results.

Short of time? Here are our Top Takeaways.

Our team of experts has the following suggestions for social media:

Christian Whetsell - Be diligent and block/batch your time to stay consistent.

Brian McCann - Be patient; it doesn't happen overnight.

Katie Brandow - Be consistent in both posting and engaging in the comments section.

Ross Liggett - Batch content by type, not time. Instead of using your time to post the next two weeks of content, use your time to post all your content around a single subject - like tee time promotion.

Listen to Episode 1 of the Golfonomics Podcast Here

Golfonomics Episode 1 - From Metolius Golf

Get the most out of social media at your golf course or private club

Throughout the episode, our team discusses this time investment and how to ensure that managers use it to maximum effect.

The team's consensus is that 6 hours per week is enough time to build a solid communication foundation, but only if that time is used effectively and all actions are aligned with the course's objectives on social media. Follow the tips below to ensure that your time investment is driving positive ROI to your golf course or private club.

Define Your Purpose

You must define your purpose and set goals for social media. This will allow you to post with intention.

With your purpose and goals in place, now you can develop a plan to achieve them. It is much easier to create unique content to fill your calendar when you have a plan. 

So, what business goal do you hope to achieve when posting on social media? Here are a few to start with:

  • Build brand impressions in the local market?
  • Reach new customers?
  • Drive banquet/membership/outing leads?
  • Sell tee times online?
  • Promote creative events?

Use Templates

With your plan in place, now it is time to start slotting creative posts into your schedule. Templates make this process fast and easy!

We know some folks dislike templates, but when used effectively, templates both improve your brand and save time. Consistency in design and brand is essential to creating a lasting impression, and templates help you achieve the consistency you need.

Find a look and feel that best suits your property and repurpose that same look and feel across all of your creative designs. 

Batch Your Time

The next tactic that we recommend is to batch your time. Instead of spending a random few minutes each day on social media, block a few hours out and focus on the task at hand.

Multitasking has been a buzzword for over 20 years, but can we effectively work on multiple tasks at one time?  The answer is no, sorry to be blunt. Focusing on one task opens up efficiency and creativity. It also allows you to use your time to consider your longer-term objectives instead of just posting "in the moment."  

Let Technology Help You

Our final suggestion is to utilize technology to help you! Here are a few low or no-cost tools that we couldn't operate without:

  • Project Management Software to handle your marketing calendar, objectives, and ideas. We use (and love) Monday
  • Web-based design apps - Canva, Animoto
  • Scheduling, posting, & listening tool - AgoraPulseHootsuiteBuffer

These platforms will expedite a majority of your efforts, in addition to helping to track your objectives and let you batch content effectively.

Don't Forget - Social Media is SOCIAL

Finally, please don't post all this great content and then forget about it. Make sure you are monitoring your channels and engaging with your customers. If people take the time to comment on your content, you'll put them off if you don't engage with them. It's just common courtesy - an online comment is just as important as an in-person comment. How would your customers feel if you ignored their greetings in the golf shop?

Questions, comments, want to work with us?

  • What's missing from this episode?
  • What's the biggest thing holding you back from meeting your social media goals?
  • Do you need a partner to help you grow your social engagement?

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