Facebook Ads & Boosting A Post – Which is right for Golf?

April 26, 2020 in Social Media

Facebook Ads & Boosting A Post – Which is right for Golf?

More times than not, golf courses have dipped their toes into Facebook Ads, and we love to hear it! With the ever-changing digital footprint of your business, Facebook Ads offer up a way to stay connected to the right audience quickly and on a budget. By now, advertising on Facebook should, without a doubt, be a piece of your digital marketing strategy and may even be the leading pillar of your long-term plan.

When tackling advertising on Facebook, there are two options- Boosting a Post or running a Facebook Ad through Business Manager. Both options fit different situations, goals, and ultimate outcomes. If you're looking into advertising on Facebook or revising your current plan- you're in luck- the customization of advertising on Facebook allows for your business to thrive according to your goals.

What is Boosting A Post?


Undoubtedly, every time you send out a post on Facebook, you see the notorious and ever so tempting "Boost Post" bright blue button. Often, this will also include a recommendation to "boost your post and get more results!" Sounds awesome, right? If you click the button, Facebook will set up a recommendation with automated placements to optimize your ad spend and reach as many people as possible within the set parameters. It can be as simple as that, taking the recommendations, spending $10 and hopefully reaching many more people in a short amount of time.

What is Facebook Ads & Ads Manager?

Think of the bigger kid on the playground that can always get a home run in kickball, or who knocks it out of the park, almost, if not every, time. That's Facebook Ads. 

When going through the steps of setting up a Facebook ad in Ads Manager, it quickly becomes apparent that the process itself is much more robust, time-consuming, and overall more detailed than boosting a post. Through Ads Manager, you can optimize a specific ad with ad placements, targeting, and clear call to actions. The process isn't always simple, but the ROI will speak for itself.

So, which one is right for me?

Well, that's a loaded question. Each option offers up different benefits for your golf course or private club, making this choice all about what goals you have and how you're going to get there. If you're just starting to dip your toes into Facebook Ads, consider the following- 

How large of an audience do you currently have?

Is your audience where you want it to be, or are you looking for more?

What are your goals for the specific ad? Are you looking to get more engagement on a picture of your weekly dinner feature or showcasing a new menu item your customers need to know about?

Is there a Call to Action? Are you trying to drive online bookings, or want to collect data on potential membership leads?

What is your timeframe? Do you need to get information out to as many people as possible as quickly as possible? 

What does your budget look like?

Your answer is Boosting a post if….

You recently took an excellent picture of your newest menu item and want to shout it from the mountain tops to anyone and everyone! Boosting a post is ideal when you're not looking for a robust, targeted audience. Instead, you're looking to maximize your visibility to engage and grow your audience. It can also be beneficial when you're looking to expand your reach to a wide range of people. Boosting a post is an excellent option if you're looking to create a brand impression in your market, you'll likely see a very high reach, but fewer conversions.

Your answer is setting up a Facebook Ad in Ads Manager if…

You have a very specific goal, such as driving online bookings or tee times, a spring membership drive, or an event sign up. Through Ads Manager, you can cast a wide net, with very specific targets, you may see a lower reach, but likely more conversions. 

This is done by customizing each ad to fit your needs. Unlike boosting a post, Ads Manager is jam-packed with customized options.

  • The ability to choose ad placements, you're in control of where your ads are placed
  • Selecting a specific ad objective, are you looking to drive traffic to your website or set up a form to collect contact information?  
  • Targeting capabilities quickly surpass boosting a post. You can choose location, interests, engagement with your page, and much more!
  • More than just your typical post- Ads Manager provides video templates, carousals, and more to make your ads appealing to the eye & more likely to convert your customers.

Ultimately, once you're ready to dive into Facebook advertising, you've already taken the first step. From there, let our Marketing Team lead the way to more conversions, increased engagement, and an ROI like you've never seen. 

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