We connect your systems

Our team of developers builds pipelines that get your data in the cloud. From there, the world is your oyster.

We bring golf courses and private clubs into the 21st century

Metolius Golf offers services - connect, automate and agency - that solve different problems for golf courses and private clubs. Each relies on our analytics software that aggregates data into a "single source of truth" data warehouse.

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Cloud Connect is our core product. It includes the connection of up to 5 data sources to the cloud warehouse and custom, automatic reporting of that data. Every morning you'll wake up to a dynamic report that lets you fully understand what is happening at your business. No pulling POS reports. No logging into your website. No waiting around for financial statements. We give you 10x the information in 1/10th the time at a shockingly affordable price.

Cloud Automate allows uses your new warehouse to pour jet-fuel on your email marketing and lead generation tactics. We connect your warehouse to the most cutting-edge marketing automation technology available. Wouldn't it be nice to remind banquet customers to book their holiday party? How about a promotion to members who haven't eaten at the club in 60 days? We help you build a system to automatically deliver messages customized to your members, guests and clients actual behavior.

Cloud Agency gives you access to our team of digital marketing experts who execute strategy on your behalf. We host a weekly meeting with your leadership team and develop a rolling 8-12 week marketing calendar. Each week we post your social media messages, send your email communication, and keep your website up-to-date. We also help you develop your marketing and communication strategy and leverage your vendor promotions. Metolius Cloud Agency is an extension of your golf course team. Think of us as a team of digital marketing experts who take your ideas and turn them into reality.